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We help practice owners develop an inbound marketing system so increase their new client and patient acquisition through platforms like Google and Facebook. Combining Search Engine and Social Media marketing and advertising, we can help add hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue to a medical, financial or real estate firm.

It all starts with making sure your website is serving it's intended purpose. When website visitors on smartphones, tablets and other modern devices load up your website, are they getting an optimal experience? If not - you are turning potential business away.    

Talk with us to learn how we can keep you up to date, look your best online, and generate hundreds of qualified leads, rank your website #1 on Google, have your clients and customers come to you and want to do business with you.

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Peak Evolve Mobile Web Solutions is a digital marketing services company that provides web design and marketing solutions for the small businesses, medical and legal practices and professional organizations. Our location in Long Island NY allows our Website Design and digital marketing services to reach a large amount of businesses, while still giving us opportunities to work with clients across the country.

We offer high yield results, measurable marketing services, and a personalized approach tailored to your company’s brand. We are a trusted local website design company serving Long Island NY, and the nearby areas, as well as clients around the entire country.  

At Peak Evolve, we develop websites that are user-experience focused, and built using responsive technology. Our websites are designed to scale up and down to fit any screen size - smartphones, tablets or even large screens like HDTV's and of course traditional PC's and Laptops.

If you aren't letting people find and access your business online, how could they possibly become customers?
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Looking for an Inbound Marketing Solution for your Medical, Dental or Chiropractic Practice?  

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Website Design & Digital Marketing Company 

Long Island NY

Responsive Website Design Concept
Responsive Website Design Concept

Tailored Digital Marketing Solutions

Whether you are considering mobile web design, SEO services, social media marketing services, or standard web design, you can depend on us to provide the right solutions. Our search engine optimization services are one of our most popular services. They allow businesses across all industries to get found on Google much more easily. Let us assist you with both on page and off page optimization services to get your website ranked effectively.

Mobile Web Solutions

From teaching you how to market your business through mobile to offering effective mobile web design services, we have the mobile solutions you are looking for. As a leading mobile website design company, we offer robust and crisp mobile sites that are a flexible version of your standard site. Our experienced designers will keep all of the features of your site intact while making sure that the mobile site works effectively. With our cutting edge approach to design, your company is guaranteed to look great on both standard and mobile sites.

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Website Design

Long Island Website Design
We can design a website for your business with our highly advanced technology and interactive platform. We'll make sure you have a website that serves visitors with the same level of professionalism that you provide
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SEO Services

Long Island SEO Services
We use a variety of on & off page optimization techniques, and we look at the total picture of internet visibility to determine what procedure will give your website long-lasting dominance at the top of the SERPs.
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Social Media Marketing

Long Island Social Media Marketing

Using social media effectively helps you to connect with your customers and emphasize the human element in your company. It can even help you to reach the people most likely to become new customers.
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Helping You Grow and Expand Your Business

We can improve your business and modernize your appearance on the world wide web, or your local community, and everywhere in between.

We start with a keyword plan and content marketing strategy, then we design and develop a customized website for you. We then analyze your conversion rate, apply some A/B testing, and implement appropriate actions. 

We further develop your digital presence & inbound strategy through SEO, PPC, Social Media, Blogging and E-mail Marketing.  We can modernize your presence and help you succeed digitally.  

Give us a call or send us an email, we would be happy to share our computer screen with you to show you an analysis of your website, your SEO values, or consult about a platform demonstration for a new website or marketing campaign for your business.  

You can visit us at our East Rockaway headquarters in Long Island New York as well!

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We develop websites designed to help small businesses accomplish all of their goals as well as compete effectively and win online with innovative solutions.



No matter if you are a doctor, lawyer, dentist or other professional service provider, we have you covered with the most innovative solutions to meet your needs.

Online Stores eCommerce

No matter if you have one product or a million, we have the experience to design, build and launch the store of your dreams online on time and most importantly on budget.

Why Is Responsive Website Design So Important?

Mobile web design is more crucial today than ever before because mobile devices now create more total web traffic than PCs. Most of your potential customers will use mobile devices to find your business. 

Google will even give you a ranking boost if you have a mobile-friendly website. We operate with a mobile-first mentality, just like Google!  We want your customers to find you and read the content on your website.

So, what is responsive website design? A responsive website displays the same content to all users -- whether they view your website on a PC, tablet or smartphone. Your website automatically adapts and responds by altering the size of images, text and other elements so they'll look correct on any screen. 

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Responsive Web Design

Our Websites Include: 

Multi-Device Ready

Your website will effectively be fully responsive and will load properly on all devices at all times now and going forward.

SEO Planning

We make sure your site is search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo) friendly making it easier for you to be found.


Our sites come with a full suite of analytics and tracking software so you can see how things are going at all times.

Business Widgets

Keyword planning & strategy, meta tags, titles, descriptions and SEO keyword placement

Reliable Hosting

Lightning fast website hosting with some of the best speed and availability anywhere in the industry

Solid Security

Our sites feature SSL encryption and reside on servers with 24/7 monitoring from Amazon, making us one of the most secure choices possible.

Social Media Ready

Our websites come with a full suite of social media integrations including Facebook commenting, shares, liking and much more.

Beautiful Design

Our sites are designed beautifully and fine-tuned to impress your customers online and off, you have a fully integrated design agency behind you.

Digital Marketing Services

We are far more than just a Long Island website design company. We also offer comprehensive SEO and marketing services to help your business attract web traffic, engage its customer base and generate sales.

Looking for more internet exposure?  Build a social media presence?  Improve your reputation?

We can help.

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Peak Evolve Blog

Doctors: How to Deal with Negative Online Reviews Negative Online Reviews

By Evan Pomeranz 12 Nov, 2018

Even if the patient is wrong, even if they’re not qualified to even know whether you’ve done a good job, even if they’re mad about something that you can’t control… you can’t defend yourself online.

If you do, you have to be very careful not to violate the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, which protects patients’ privacy.

According a Washington Post article by Charles Ornstein, doctors are allowed to say vague things about their practice and they treat their patients in general, but they are not allowed to directly address the very problems that some patients bring up.

 For example, one patient accused a California dentist of misdiagnosing her. His response? “I looked very closely at your radiographs and it was obvious that you have cavities and gum disease that your other dentist has overlooked. … You can live in a world of denial and simply believe what you want to hear from your other dentist or make an educated and informed decision.”

Although you may be tempted to respond to a patient when they make accusations, you could be reported to the Office for Civil Rights within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, which enforces HIPPA.

Why You Need Inbound Marketing for Your Medical Practice

By Evan Pomeranz 19 Oct, 2018
As the millennial generation begins to become the predominant buying force in many areas around the globe, shifts in spending and health habits are happening more quickly than anyone could have predicted. Nowadays, reaching out to prospective patients involves more than just word of mouth or traditional advertising.

Chiropractor Marketing Case Study: 33 New Patients and over $40,000 in Revenue

By Evan Pomeranz 10 Oct, 2018

Let’s not beat around the bush here and just be direct... I’ll give you the results, and then I’ll explain how it works.


We ran this initial test for 30 days and got these results:

  • 140 Leads
  • 33 Patients
  • with $889.63 in Ad spend.
  • $46,200 in revenue (33 patients * $1,400 LTV(Lifetime Customer Value)

Seeing that the average lifetime customer value of a Chiropractic Patient is somewhere in the range of $1,400 - $2,000, using Facebook Ads is kind of a no brainer.


To put it bluntly, you should be using Facebook ads because that is where your clients are spending the majority of their spare time. A successful business is one that is able to solve a problem for a specific group of people, and to do that you have to know where to find them.

I know it seems like Facebook ads are really expensive, and many people are hesitant to use them as a primary lead generation source. The reality is that if you are using Facebook ads correctly and targeting appropriately, then your ROI is HUGE when you consider the lifetime value of a customer.

The secret to instantly generating consistent chiropractic leads with Facebook ads is as simple as putting a great offer in front of an effective funnel, using a few unique targeting options.  So let’s walk through what we did in this Case Study. It starts with a Great Offer...


The very first thing that will catch a prospective customer’s attention is a great offer. We generally like to use 1 of 2 offers with our Chiropractor Clients. These have been tested an enormous amount and these are the 2 that work best without having to give anything away for free.

Offer #1 : Is a $21 Voucher for X-rays, a Consultation and an Evaluation. If you refer your X-rays out then the following offer works great as well...

Offer #2 : Is a $21 Voucher for an Adjustment, a Consultation and an Evaluation.
In this Case Study we used Offer #1, but in many situations #2 worked just as well.

The next thing we did after determining the Offer, is created a simple Funnel...


To get those leads in your office you need to set up a funnel. It doesn’t have to be complicated or fancy to generate qualified leads. An effective funnel basically has four elements:

  • A well targeted Facebook ad
  • A landing page / opt-in page
  • A thank you page
  • A follow-up (phone call)

Each step of the funnel needs to flow seamlessly into the next and needs to be as easy as possible to navigate. Let’s walk through each step of the funnel used in this Case Study.


The ad is one of the most important elements of your funnel. It must clearly catch the attention of the people you are targeting as well as entice them to click the ad with a great offer.

The ad type we used in this Case Study is a “Traffic” ad that will “Send people to a destination on or off Facebook”.

The next thing we did was set up our targeting. If your targeting is off, it doesn't matter how great your offer is... it won't convert.

  • In this case we targeted the area in which the Chiropractor was located plus a 15 mile radius (You can target a smaller area if your city/surrounding cities are densely populated).
  • The interests and behaviors we targeted were "Chiropractic, Chiropractor, Pain Relief, Low Back Pain, Chronic Pain, Back Pain, Health and Wellness Buyers". Clearly people that may need/want to see a Chiropractor.

Now that we have chosen the ad objective and established the targeting, we then set up the ad to attract the people that we targeted above.

Keep in mind you are not trying to sell something to your audience in the ad. The objective is to get them to click your offer so that you can get them to sign up for your offer and be placed on your email list. Then, you can follow up with them to book appointments and offer other services.

In this case study, once somebody clicked on the Ad we sent them to the next part of the funnel which is the "landing page". 

When they clicked "Give Me My Voucher" on the landing page, they were prompted to enter their Name, Email Address and Phone Number. (Please Note: In our testing, stock images do not convert that well. If you have a picture of yourself with family or staff; that will work much better for the landing page and the ad)

Once a Lead submits their Name, Email and Phone Number they are directed to the "Thank You Page". Which is the next part of the Funnel and they are also emailed a "Voucher".

This isn't something that you actually have to honor, meaning you don't need to make them show the voucher to get the offer, it's just something tangible that they are opting in for as well as another reminder to call and schedule an appointment.

And the final part of the Funnel is the Appointment Setting.

This part is Crucial.

Facebook Marketing is a form of Interruptive Marketing . Meaning the leads that are coming in aren't exactly searching for a Chiropractor like they would be if they were on Google.

This offer is being put in front of people that may have been wanting/needing to see a Chiropractor, but for whatever reason have put it off. We are giving them that extra nudge to take action now with this great offer.

With that said, the way this works best is if you or your office manager call each lead to set an appointment. Do not wait for them to call you because 95% will not. However, if you reach out to them about 20-25% will book an appointment.

So the question all of you are most likely asking is "How Much Did This All Cost"?

REVENUE:  $46,200k in revenue from the ads


  • $900 in ad spend in 30 days ($30 per day)
  • $1,500 monthly mgmt fee;
  • $1,000 set-up fee (before first month of advertising begins)

NET REVENUE: $42,800

This is very achievable for most chiropractic practices and wellness centers, 

learn more about Inbound Marketing for medical practices here.

Health-Related Searches Are Changing the Way Professionals Market their Practices

By Evan Pomeranz 26 Sep, 2018

According to recent research, 47 percent of Internet users search online to find information about doctors and other health professionals. If you want to attract people in your local area to your medical practice, it is time to change the way you think about marketing.

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